At CITI, we’re deeply committed to nurturing your growth and steering organisational capability development to transform your business. We specialise in refining project, programme, and portfolio management skills, enabling you to not just navigate change but to deliver it successfully.

Our approach is personalised to empower and support professionals on their journeys. Our comprehensive support encompasses assessment, mentorship, cutting-edge management practices, competency models, career progression frameworks, and the transference of knowledge and skills through practical scenarios, bolstered by change management strategies.

CITI excels in delivering customised solutions, uniquely blending change and project management to foster expertise and organisational growth.

Benefits of organisational
capability development

Professionalise your community and improve delivery success

Create a project management development framework

Adopt a common project management best practice

Upskill your employees and fast-track the development of role models

How do we develop your capability?

Together, we aim to share, build knowledge, and enhance – fostering a community of excellence and lasting organisational capability development.

Knowledge sharing

Via development programmes, training, workshops, and mentorship.

Skills development

Supporting managers in applying knowledge to current projects.

Performance enhancement

Collaborating with leaders to maximise project

Professional growth

Crafting career paths and development frameworks.

Community building

Strengthening capabilities through shared experiences and insights.

For a detailed exploration of how we can support your organisational capability development journey, let’s connect and start this journey together.

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