Building a better future

CITI has always been recognised as a thought leader, challenger, enabler and partner of choice for delivering valuable change within organisations and communities.  We have longstanding and valuable relationships with accrediting bodies such as APM, APMG, AXELOS (Peoplecert), ILM, LPI and others.

We strive to develop better practices, fairer learning opportunities for all and have been at the forefront of developing inclusivity issues through our work with projects such as Think Differently, which is now a regular theme at APM conferences, sponsored through CITI and the recognition of Social projects at the awards.

CITI also encourages, enables and supports organisations and leaders to deliver valuable and meaningful change through effective decision making and good practice project delivery, creating and influencing an agenda to deliver projects for an ethical and sustainable future.

CITI is a socially and environmentally conscious partner for organisations who care about creating a better world for future generations.  We support social and meaningful projects, fair and equitable education/learning opportunities for everyone to access.  We evoke respectful conversation, challenge and debate to ensure an ethical, inclusive, equal and successful future for organisations and people.  

We believe there is a balance to be struck between being a morally and ethically conscious organisation and generating commercial success and better business outcomes.  It’s important to balance both and to recognise how we can achieve both.  CITI is committed to continuing our work with a positive and conscious mindset, with authenticity and valuing our people and partners whilst having fun along the way.

Kalpna Sanders, CEO

Making change happen

Our aim is to challenge individuals to think – thinking, reasoning and understanding outcomes is what we do well, our toolkits, our unique IP and models go beyond technical learning and into a dimension where people are encouraged to think differently, problem solve and lead change projects with confidence.


We support institutions and organisations to create working communities whereby diversity and inclusion are the norm and not an exclusive subject matter. We develop programmes that incorporate potentially sensitive topic areas and challenge thinking to support genuine cultural change that is impactful.


As a thought leader, we are adaptive and can flex our facilitation to meet specific needs or levels quickly. CITI has a wealth of experience and knowledge that lends itself to working within most industry sectors and globally - we understand and can adjust accordingly to ensure a great learning experience.


We support local, national, and international charitable organisations with both professional services - and with our own fundraising events. We also support local schools by donating desktop and laptop computers to help educate the next generation with the skills to succeed.


We are adaptive as a thought leader, and can flex our facilitation to meet specific needs or levels quickly. CITI has a wealth of experience and knowledge that lends itself to working within most industry sectors and globally - we understand and can adjust accordingly to ensure a great learning experience.


We are committed to “doing the right thing” for learners, organisations and the wider world and we are dedicated to delivering quality learning and insights through sustainable means. We have been providing virtual classroom courses and online events over the past four years and will continue to work with organisations to minimise our carbon footprint by using technology and reducing waste.


CITI’s purpose is to enable ... people, organisations and leadership success. We are driven by supporting organisations to meet their strategic objectives and achieve return on their investment through quality, blended learning solutions that are embedded and contextualised.

Our values

Our mission is to add value in everything we do, there should be a clear purpose.  We are bound by understanding the needs of our clients and developing the right interventions for them, their culture, previous experience and objectives – we hope these are reflected in our values below:

Professionalism – Respectful of all relationships with internal and external clients, including associated bodies and partners

Our IP – The protection, knowledge and application of CITI’s intellectual property – Consultants to continue accreditation and develop/evolve existing IP

Integrity and accountability – contributing to CITI being a genuine ‘partner of choice’ – open, honest, fair and clear communication

Working smartly – Flexibility and consideration in achieving sustainability in the way that we and our clients operate

A socially and environmentally conscious organisation

Passionate and motivated – to lead in specialism

True membership organisation – everyone’s equal ethos

Giving back to the community

We are proud to sponsor the APM Social Project of the Year Award which is given to the team whose project demonstrates the most effective use of project management and the greatest benefits and outcomes to end users and communities in projects seeking to address the concerns of 21st century society globally. This may include (but is not limited to) sustainability and climate change, conservation, disease prevention and treatment, equality, diversity and inclusion and health and wellbeing. 

We are also sponsoring the APM Sustainability Award this year, and regularly contribute to the APMG’s LevelUp Q&A live-streamed panel. We contribute as guest speakers at schools and universities, providing guidance and mentorship for countless individuals.

Let’s work together

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