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Healthcare Project and Change Association - HCPA - Webinar 2023

Change can be frightening for some people, exciting to others and tiring to those who feel its relentless.  

We explored how we can make change “wanted”, the importance of understanding and communicating change and how we can bring people along on the journey through great leadership, communication and clarity of purpose.

Leading Change



Thursday 28th September 2023

Online webinar

What was the event about?

The Healthcare Project and Change Association welcomed health and social care experts to come together, share insights and drive more innovation in the profession.

You can rewatch the full webinar here: 

What did we discuss?

Our very own Kay Sanders shared insights in her talk surrounding ‘making change wanted’.

For change to happen, there has to be a recognised challenge or desire for a solution or development to better a product, service or solution.

In a challenging profession, we are all too familiar with the challenge of getting everyone on board with understanding when change needs to happen.

Throughout the duration of the webinar, Kay discussed topics around stakeholder engagement, benefits realisation, collaboration and changing mindsets.

Highlights of the webinar:

Feedback from the event

“Very interesting and informative session, thank you! looking forward to the next sessions”

“Thought provoking”

“Great clarity! In person we could deal with the perennial problem of tactics to deal with very resistant people.”

“Dense and logical presentation – how important to keep the energy high and the focus on understanding human psychology is key”

Interested in seeing where we’ll be next?

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