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The purpose of the Making Projects Work course is to make the project managers safer, and to give them the tools and techniques to run their projects with a degree of expertise, using the disciplines of project management with understanding and confidence. It focuses on the problems associated with the delivery and implementation of new processes, services and products, and shows how the application of a methods-based and disciplined approach to the running of projects significantly reduces the risk of failure.

As a result of attending the programme, project managers can plan more effectively; they tend to focus more on project achievement, and use techniques such as estimating and monitoring that are appropriate to their project.

Taking you beyond method

Beyond Method is learning constructed using our own best practice created from our inception as a specialist university institute in 1983; fusing the expertise of Cranfield University with the interests of six major users of change management: British Aerospace, British Gas, British Petroleum, British Telecom, Cable & Wireless and Longman.

A significant amount of research and investment was made into Cranfield Information Technology Institute (shortened to CITI in 1988) to take change professionals beyond methodologies – and learn how to successfully implement change!


The first module of our Making Projects Work course is concerned with project disciplines, the foundation stone for the successful management of projects.  The emphasis is on effective planning; providing a clear view of what needs to be delivered by the project is a fundamental focus of a good project plan; having this focus makes measuring progress easier, so that any deviations from the plan (variances) can be identified and effectively managed.   

The second module of our Making Projects Work course looks at what constitutes project success and the impact on the project of stakeholder expectations, in particular through the management of requirements, and the need to communicate progress accurately and effectively.  Being a very practise–based programme, it is the how that is explored, and the why that is confirmed, the programme finishes with a case study which will test participants capacity to manage change in requirements improving all areas of the project.  In a relatively safe environment good practices are reinforced while bad practices are explored leaving the participants with a collection of tools and approaches to use in their own projects.   

Learning approach

As well as providing the knowledge, our approach involves drawing out examples from the attendees’ own experiences so that the relevance of the new techniques can be readily understood. Opportunities to practise via short exercises mean that the learning can add immediate value to current and future projects. A general business scenario is used as the basis for the exercises and attendees work together, taking turns to be the project manager, to define and plan the project.

Delivery can be tailored to suit your teams learning style and availability using face-to-face, virtual, or a blended approach using our learning hub to maximise the learning and development in the available time.

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