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Capability development with Cayman Islands Government

Cayman Islands Government – the Strategic Reform Implementation Unit (SRIU) – had recognised the critical importance of transparency in the selection and implementation of projects and programmes. They felt that core to this was improving business cases alongside the professionalisation of their project management community and the development of overall project capability

CITI were a joy to work with

We were selected through a competitive tender process to be the SRIU’s partner in this capability development programme. Right from the start we recognised that this was much more than just running accredited courses.  We worked closely with the SRIU team, clarifying their requirements and shaping the series of interventions which would promote individual and organisational improvements in both business case development and project performance.  And – most importantly provide measures to publicly demonstrate the changes in performance.

…they were so professional

The engagement has included:

• Capability assessment of current levels of business case / project management knowledge and understanding in the pilot group of 100 staff

• 40 managers completing the accredited APMG Better Business CasesTMcourse

• 60 managers completing the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (or APM PFQ)

• Post business case / project manager capability assessment

The CITI facilitators really cared and managed our expectations – dealing with any learning concerns we had

For a programme of this nature some of the most crucial stakeholders to get access to are the senior managers and sponsors. We have already run briefing sessions with strategic leaders. Here we provided them with insights on when and how to conduct health checks on projects and how to recognise sound business cases. These were well received and have created the energy and interest necessary to engage more of the most senior managers in SRIU.

This pilot development programme has unquestionably raised the profile and importance of business cases and project management expertise across SRIU. Our impact is recognised in the comments back from participants…

The facilitators were amazing and very experienced

You can hear more about the SRIUs pilot development programme. Just click this link to the news briefing provided by Dr. Tasha Ebanks-Garcia from the SRIU.

For more information on CITIs project, portfolio and programme management capability development support contact or call 01908283600

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