Inspiring Inclusion

A poem written by Kalpna Sanders ©️

Inspire inclusion in your teams
It’s not as difficult as it seems
It’s easy sometimes to just spend
Life fearful, trying not to offend
But why do we put up imaginary walls
When we can ask people what they prefer to be called

Don’t you think, it makes so much sense
If we mature, are open and really commence
creating some equity and becoming allies
rather than opting to ignore or to disenfranchise
We sometimes don’t know and are worried to ask
or we try to fit in, ignore feelings, wear a mask

Whilst we behave like this we won’t change ways of working
Carry on feeling out of place while the biases keep lurking
Together let’s learn, let’s talk and debate
About the richness of difference and let’s educate.
Model good behaviour, be open, honest and fair
Show those who are fearful or live in despair

That life is a tapestry of colourful difference
A rainbow of creativity, of true magnificence
If only we can combat the misconceptions and fear
And things we don’t understand – we prefer to keep clear
Let’s celebrate our uniqueness, let everyone see
The trueness of diversity and letting people be

Thank you for inviting me today to impart
My insights, experience that come straight from the heart
I hope that we encourage, challenge yet respect
I hope we think differently, we question and reflect
Let’s use our differences to ignite change for the good
Make it the norm to be heard and feel understood.

A poem written by Kalpna Sanders -CEO of CITI Limited. 

Copyright ©️ CITI Limited 2024

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