Individuals support for APM Chartered Project Professional

To ensure that you stand the very best opportunity of achieving Chartered status CITI offers a number of follow-on support services to suit your needs.

These include application review services which can be held either as live face-to-face reviews, or your application reviewed remotely with guidance being offered by email or telephone or other mobile services. However, we have found it is one-ton-one interactions that work best, rather than solely email responses, as these allow for further discussions and questions to be asked or further enhancing your confidence level.

The sessions, which can be varied to suit your needs and your application stage, typically include one or more of the following:

Prior to application

Advice as to whether you are ready to apply or whether you might benefit from further targeted experiences before submitting an application

Development suggestions which would enable you to develop in your weaker areas

Guidance and discussions on the most relevant projects / programmes / portfolios from your CV / range of initiatives

Guidance and discussions on the most appropriate competences given your range of potential projects.

During application

Review of your written application (either or both project overviews and competences) with guidance and suggestions

Review of your CPD log

Interview technique coaching

Hints and tips for completion and submission of both overviews and competences.

Shaan Ali
Shaan Ali
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Working with Mr Nick Dobson has been a pleasure. His experience and knowledge helped me successfully pass the written submission for my CHPP. I will be seeking further support for the interview stage. Money and time spent well. Thank you Nick.
Jayne Mills
Jayne Mills
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What a remarkable service! In the present environment when levels of service are increasingly poor, here is a company that exceeds expectation. From the word go, contact has been easy and swift. I was immediately referred to the appropriate member of their team. The assistance that I then received from Nick Dobson has been exceptional. I had 8 days to turn my APM CHPP application into something that was fit for purpose and nothing has been too much trouble. His feedback and advise has been invaluable. I can highly recommend that you consider using CITI Ltd. services.
Matt M
Matt M
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I would like to highly recommend CITI for the excellent training material provided in the Project Foundations Qualification (PFQ) and Project Management Qualification (PMQ) which I studied remotely abroad. Furthermore, I reached out to CITI for their offered service for the ChPP support. I found this support essential - I was given excellent feedback on my draft submissions to ensure it was as robust as it could be. Thank you to CITI and Nick Dobson.


Based on our experience, we can provide support and guidance challenging the draft wording and offering suggestions and different approaches to enhance an application.  However, we cannot recommend the actual content or confirm that any final submitted wording will definitely be successful.

Level One Support

Application Support
£ 450 Including VAT
  • Written-application review
  • Detailed report, and coaching
  • Virtual or telephone

Level Two Support

Pre-Interview Review
£ 450 Including VAT
  • Review of written applications​
  • CPD log guidance and suggestions​
  • Interview technique coaching​

Complete Support

Application AND Pre-Interview Review
£ 780 Including VAT
  • All features of Application Support
  • All features of Pre-Interview Review
  • Cost-effective approach saving £120
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